Stock Grids

Secure Your Livestock With Aprilla Grids — The Leading Stock Grid Solution in Australia

Are you constantly worried about your valuable cattle crossing roads and straying from your farm? At Aprilla Grids, we understand the importance of protecting your livestock. That’s why we offer top-of-the-line stock grids made with heavy-duty and durable steelwork designs that provide an effective barrier. Don’t let your cattle wander off or risk road accidents — trust our stock grids to safeguard your livestock within your property.

Simple But Effective and Durable Stock Grids — The Aprilla Grids Guarantee

If you’re looking for stock grids that withstand the rugged Australian environment and the constant impact of vehicles, we have what you need at Aprilla Grids. We manufacture steel stock grids that meet the quality standards of ISO9001. All our products are designed and made in Australia, ensuring that we understand the unique grid solution requirements of rural and state farms and roads. Our grid systems are built with durability and longevity in mind, ensuring they can protect your livestock for years to come.

Using quality materials, we focused on creating simple designs that get the job done. The grid top rails are spaced correctly to discourage animals from crossing, and we made sure that the stock grids are wide enough that cattle cannot jump over them. We engineered our stock grids with the perfect grid depth and width to successfully keep livestock on your property.

Benefits of Aprilla Grids’ Stock Grids

  • Security — Our stock grids are simple yet effective in keeping animals within your property. With high-quality materials and a practical design, we offer a barrier that even the most determined cattle will be discouraged from crossing. Keep your livestock away from dangerous areas and protect the community from wandering animals.
  • Versatility — At Aprilla Grids, we offer flexible steelwork that allows you to fit the stock grids to any terrain, whether you have a flat pasture or a hilly rural road.
  • Easy installation — We understand that time is of the essence for farmers. That’s why we designed our stock grid systems for quick and hassle-free installation, preferably on a thick compacted gravel base.
  • Low maintenance — With proper installation, our stock grids require minimal upkeep, freeing up your valuable time and resources to tend to your livestock. We engineered grid systems that withstand harsh weather conditions, reducing the need for frequent repairs or replacements.

Choose Aprilla Grids For Your High-Quality Stock Grid Needs

Take control of your livestock with Aprilla Grids’ high-quality steel stock grids. Invest in our innovative and reliable solutions to ensure the security of your valuable assets while keeping the surrounding community safe from road accidents.

Contact Aprilla Grids today for a personalised consultation regarding your property’s ideal grid system. With Australia-wide delivery, we promise to provide reliable stock grids even to the most remote farmlands. Wherever you are, trust that we can help you secure your livestock, safeguard your farm and reap the benefits of a robust stock grid system.

For more information, explore our website or refer to the frequently asked questions below.


Stock grids, or cattle grids, are ground barriers designed to prevent animals from crossing certain areas while allowing vehicles to pass through freely. Our stock grids are made with steel bars arranged in a grid pattern, creating openings too wide for animals to walk or step through safely.

In Australia, stock grids are used in agriculture to create boundaries and limit the movement of livestock, ensuring they stay within designated areas.

Stock grids are like fences that keep animals enclosed, but are instead installed into the ground to allow vehicles and machinery to cross. They work using the gaps between the bars, which are spaced narrowly for vehicles to pass through safely but too wide for animals to walk across without risking injury or getting stuck.

As a result, animals that encounter a stock grid are hesitant to cross due to the uncertain footing and potential discomfort. The design discourages them from attempting to cross the barrier. Additionally, the width of the entire grid itself should be enough so that animals are not able to jump it. 

Stock grids are designed to prevent various types of livestock from escaping, including cattle, sheep and horses. However, it is ineffective in keeping animals without hooves within an area, such as dogs. Though they may risk getting stuck within the grid’s pipes, the soft pad of their paws allow them to walk the surface with ease. Consider getting additional protective barriers to safeguard other animals within your property, such as wire fences.

Absolutely! We understand that each farm has its unique needs and specifications. Our team will work closely with you to understand your requirements and tailor a grid system that perfectly fits your farm. From size adjustments to additional features, we will ensure that your Aprilla Grids are customised to provide maximum protection and convenience for your livestock and farm operations.

We built our stock grids at Aprilla Grids to be highly durable and withstand the demands of agricultural environments. Our stock grids are constructed with high-quality steel, which offers exceptional strength and resilience. You can trust that they can endure constant use, heavy loads and harsh weather conditions without significant deterioration.

As for the installation, our stock grids are easy to install and maintain. We recommend referring to our installation guide to prepare the site, set the grid securely and ensure proper alignment.