Cattle Grids For Rent

Discover Aprilla Grids’ Cattle Grids for Rent in Australia

Are you looking for reliable cattle grids to manage the cleanliness and safety of your environment? Look no further than Aprilla Grids, your ultimate source for top-quality cattle grids for rent in Australia. We have designed our range of cattle grids, featuring rumble grids and wheel wash systems, to meet the specific needs of Australian construction, mining and event sites, ensuring quality, durability and safety on rough terrains.

Our available cattle grids for rent

  • Rumble grids — Named for the noise they make, rumble grids are effective at ensuring road safety. These intelligently-designed grids feature raised bars and tubes, embedded in the road surface, which make a noise as vehicles pass. Great for construction zones, mining sites and muddy roads, the sensory effect encourages responsible driving and helps remove dirt and mud from vehicle tyres.
  • Wheel wash systems — Complementing our rumble grids and cattle grids for rent are our wheel wash systems. At Aprilla Grids, we manufactured these grid systems to cleanse tyres by eliminating dirt, mud and other contaminants. Wheel wash systems are great additions to rumble grids in construction sites, mining operations and other areas with dirt and mud, such as outdoor festivals. With both of these grid systems, maintaining a pristine environment has never been easier.

Australian-made quality and durability

At Aprilla Grids, we pride ourselves on the exceptional quality and durability of our rumble grids and wheel wash systems. Our products are constructed to endure the toughest Australian conditions and ensure long-lasting performance. Additionally, we proudly design and manufacture our products here in Australia. Our locally crafted solutions are tailored to tackle the unique needs of vehicles traversing the rugged Australian landscape.

ISO9001 Certified cattle grids for rent

Our rumble grids and wheel wash systems are compliant with Australian Standards and State Main Roads specifications, meeting the stringent criteria of ISO9001. We aim to uphold the highest quality standards for our cattle grids for rent, so you can trust that each grid is meticulously designed and rigorously tested.

Installation and support for cattle grids for rent

Our team of experts is here to ensure a seamless installation process. We offer comprehensive installation support, guiding you through the setup of your rumble grids and wheel wash systems on your site. At Aprilla Grids, we ensure that our expertise goes beyond delivering great cattle grids for rent, and into providing ongoing support for your continued success. 

Contact Aprilla Grids for flexible rental terms and pricing of cattle grids for rent

At Aprilla Grids, we offer flexible rental terms and competitive rates. To learn more, reach out to us through our contact form. Our team is ready to provide you with the information you need when sourcing the best cattle grids for rent in Australia!


Cattle grids or stock grids are specialised structures for managing the movement of livestock and controlling access to areas within a property. This, in turn, keeps roads safe from wandering animals. Cattle grids consist of a series of closely spaced bars or tubes, which are then placed across roads or entrances. These grids allow the constant passage of vehicles without compromising the safety of animals and neighbouring areas.

When animals with hooves, such as cows and horses, attempt to cross a cattle grid, they are discouraged by the fear of getting stuck in between bars. Additionally, the smooth surface of cattle grids are not ideal for their hooves, deterring animals from walking over cattle grids. However, the spacing of bars or tubes in cattle grids are narrow enough to avoid compromising the safety of passing vehicles.

At Aprilla Grids, we provide cattle grids for rent and for purchase, which are commonly used in rural areas, farms and ranches.

Rumble grids and wheel wash systems, although not designed to control livestock movement like traditional cattle grids, are considered part of the broader category of cattle grids due to their shared purpose of managing access and ensuring biosecurity. Plus, Australians use cattle grids as a catch-all term for stock grids, rumble grids and wheel wash systems.

Renting a cattle grid comes with several advantages over purchasing one outright. For one, it is a more cost-effective option for temporary needs, such as construction projects or events. It eliminates the upfront investment and the hassle of long-term maintenance.

Additionally, renting allows you to test different sizes and specifications before customising one that matches your requirements. At Aprilla Grids, our cattle grids for rent offer more flexibility and convenience. However, we also manufacture cattle grids for your exact specifications. Give us a call if you would like to invest in your own grid system.

At Aprilla Grids, we take immense pride in offering rental cattle grids compliant with Australian Standards and State Main Roads specifications. We rely on quality steelwork and strategic designs to ensure our cattle grids are effective and long-lasting.

Absolutely. We understand that proper installation is crucial for optimal functionality and safety. We offer comprehensive installation support to ensure the successful setup of your rented cattle grid. Our experienced professionals will guide you through the installation process, answer your questions and provide any necessary assistance.