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Aprilla Grids is your trusted partner in managing site traffic and ensuring EPA compliance at your farm, construction, mining or event site. Through our equipment hire services, you can outfit your agricultural or work site with rumble grids and wheel wash systems. Enhance your site’s conditions, minimise environmental impact and promote the safety of your work site with our ISO9001-certified solutions at Aprilla Grids. 

For more information on their applications and specifications, browse our available equipment hire below. 

Rumble Grids

Use for: Containment of site-controlled environment and debris management 

Rumble grids are the frontline of defence for your construction site or industrial area. They are strategically placed at entrances and exits to contain site conditions that prevent the spread of dirt and debris from vehicle and equipment wheels. This not only improves the site’s aesthetics but also maintains compliance with Environment Protection Authority guidelines, ensuring hazardous materials don’t escape your site. Explore our equipment hire for rumble grids in modular units below.

Containment of site-controlled environment, removing dirt and debris from vehicle and equipment wheels.

  • Our modular rumble grid units come in standard dimensions of W4000mm x L2000mm x H200mm.
  • For those with specific size requirements, we offer customisable options for both width and length. 
  • Our robust rumble grid equipment for hire boasts a lifting weight of 700kgs per unit.
  • With an axle loading capacity of 18tn per axle, they can withstand heavy traffic loads. We also have units with heavier axle ratings available.

To ensure ease of transportation and installation, each unit is equipped with lifting lugs and fork tines.

Wheel Wash

Use for: Maintaining site purity and environmental protection

Our range of equipment for hire also includes wheel wash systems designed to keep your work site pure while upholding strict environmental protection standards. These systems effectively remove dirt, debris, seeds, weeds and bacteria from vehicle or equipment wheels and tracks so contaminants do not escape or enter your site. Vehicles enter the wash bath and progress through a contained bath, ensuring the removal of hazardous material.

Effective containment of site dirt and debris, hazardous seed, weed and bacteria from vehicle wheels and tracks.

  • Our standard wheel wash bath sizes measure 8m.
  • The overall dimensions of our equipment hire, including the entry and exit ramps, are 12m. The specific dimensions for wash baths are W3000 x L8000 x H1000m and W3000 x L2000 x H200 for entry and exit ramps.
  • With a lifting weight of 6000kg, our equipment hire is robust enough to withstand heavy use. 
  • The axle loading capacity is 25tn per axle. Even the largest vehicles are thoroughly cleaned by our wheel wash systems.
  • For those requiring a larger equipment hire, we offer a 12m bath with an overall dimension of 16m, including entry and exit ramps. The specific dimensions of these wash baths are W3000 x L12000 x H1000m and W3000 x L2000 x H200 for entry and exit ramps. 
  • These larger systems have a lifting weight of 7500kg and an axle loading capacity of 25th per axle.

We provide crane hooks for added safety and convenience of our equipment for hire when using wheel wash systems.

Choose Aprilla Grids for equipment hire of rumble grids and wheel wash systems

If you need a solution for site compliance, purity and environmental protection, call Aprilla Grids. Our range of equipment for hire includes rumble grids and wheel wash systems that maintain the safety and cleanliness of your working environment, whether that’s a farm, a construction or mining site or the location of a temporary event. 

All our equipment for hire is certified by ISO9001 and helps you comply with EPA guidelines. We designed and manufactured them to withstand the harshest Australian conditions, guaranteeing the enduring reliability your work site requires. Our team of skilled professionals will also make the installation of rumble grids and wheel wash systems a breeze. We will help you set up your equipment hire on your site and provide continuous support and maintenance.

Let Aprilla Grids be your trusted partner in maintaining site excellence and environmental compliance with our top-of-the-line equipment. Contact us today to inquire about our equipment hire availability and rental rates! 

Frequently Asked Questions

At Aprilla Grids, we specialise in the rental of rumble grids and wheel wash systems, but we also offer cattle grids for rent. Our rumble grids are used for site traffic management and EPA compliance, while our wheel wash systems contain site dirt, debris and contaminants. Both equipment for hire helps ensure the cleanliness, safety and environmental compliance of your site.

Our process is simple! To request a quote or enquire about our solutions, just reach out to our team through our contact form with the required information. You may also get in touch with us through the following:

  • Phone: 1800 447 437
  • Email:

Our rental durations for rumble grids and wheel wash systems are flexible to accommodate your project requirements. Whether you need our equipment for a three-day event or a long-term construction project, we offer rental periods that suit your timeline.

To rent equipment from us, we only require basic information such as your contact details, project details, site location and traffic across your grid. Our team will guide you through the installation requirements during the rental process to ensure a seamless experience. 

Yes, we offer convenient Australia-wide delivery and pickup services for our equipment for hire. We want to make your experience with Aprilla Grids as effortless as possible, so expect our team to coordinate the logistics!

We value your safety when using our equipment for hire, which is why we’ve designed our products with safety features that minimise risk. Our rumble grids have lifting lugs and fork tines, while our wheel wash systems are designed with crane hooks. Additionally, we provide guidance on safe usage during the installation process. Our customer support team is always available to address any safety concerns you may have.

Certainly! If your project requires an extension of the rental duration, please contact our team as soon as possible. 

We accept various forms of payment at Aprilla Grids, including credit cards, bank transfers and other secure electronic payment options. Our team will provide you with detailed payment instructions when you request a quote. 

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